Since getting into M&A I haven't found a quicker way to scale a company than by buying a media asset/channel with my ideal customers and selling our products. The thesis I've reached now is that Acquiring media assets is the fastest way to grow and scale your business no matter what level you are at.

Want to buy media assets for your business but don't know where to start, how to reach out without offending them or how to value it to make sure you don't over pay?

Rising ad costs (if your ad account doesn't get shut down), algorithm changes, and shadow bans make it harder and harder to get and keep attention. Attention is the key that opens all doors.

In the past six months I've purchased two channels of my own, and eight channels for clients allowing them to start conversations with their followers and group members rather than cold traffic audiences.
We've decided to open the kimono and show how you can do this in your business, this works particularly well for businesses that are addicted to paid advertising and want to acquire the off ramp instead of building it from scratch.

Check it out if it's of interest & DM me if interested! The process looks something like this -

1. Source these Media Assets that are hyper personalized to your audience and ICP

  1. Reach out to the seller and get them excited to sell
  2. Negotiate the deal so it's a Win-Win
  3. Value each asset through our Due Diligence process
  4. Close the deal and make a smooth transition so your new audience becomes your raving fans

We'll record the process live from start to finish with the group in a few weeks and you'll keep access to all of it forever.