In this video, you will learn how Marty Balkema and David Horne of Calm Capital created a profitable and scalable holding company. In this video, you will learn:

1. How David and Marty created and designed a profitable and scalable holding company

2. How to find the right partners

3. What type of acquisitions to make

4. How to grow your business

Show Notes:

00:00 Intro to David and Marty

00:36 First Meeting of the Minds

05:36 The shared values required to become business partners

10:53 Bringing the companies into holding company

13:02 Equal Majority interest & Investors

20:11 Assembling a portfolio of unrelated companies

24:03 Working above the business - how to hire your replacements

33:00 Hiring and firing CEOs

36:02 Fears/challenges they overcame - financing it not a problem

42:45 Rev size ARR of businesses they target

45:08 How their mentors think about SaaS multiples

48:41 Their biggest obstacle/challenge - being operator to investor - multipliers

51:58 What did you learn about yourself - thinking slower, downtime & partners