Ron Holt Former CEO & Founder of Two Maids & A Mop. Current Founder of Pink Zebra Moving.


00:00 Intro to Ron Holt

01:20 Where did he get the inspiration?

03:48 How he launched Two Maids and a Mop

04:47 How much did you save up?

06:33 Why go after a fragmented industry?

08:02 Did you create a formal business plan?

12:45 How long did you go without paycheck?

15:12 Who was your Darth Vader?

16:10 How did you turn it around - figure out product market fit?

19:24 How did you pay your people?

20:40 Did you terminate the bottom 10%?

21:19 What were the economics of your franchise?

22:24 You got it figured out, what did that do your revenue?

23:34 Where did the franchise idea come from?

26:04 You met a Subway billionaire on accident?

28:13 What was the conversation like?

30:43 Did you keep in touch with him?

32:43 How did you go from 11 to 93 locations?

33:15 How much did you sell a franchise for?

37:29 Why were people attracted to the opportunity?

39:12 Fast forward, 93 locations, why did you sell to PE?

40:58 The new idea...when did that start?

43:22 There is not repeat revenue in moving business - or is there?

44:54 Pink Zebra, is that from Purple Cow, #sethgodin

45:39 Did you hire an investment banker to help you sell?

49:02 What kind of multiples did you get on a 93 location franchise?

50:16 You have a boat load of money now, did you apply same boot strap ideas?

53:02 How many franchises do you have now?

53:50 What was a big mistake you made in that first business?

55:50 Do you feel like you are following in Fred DeLucas shoes?

56:35 What is a win for you?

58:48 Revenue for the moving company now?

59:22 How many are you going to add per year?