In this video, Colin Keeley talks about how to go about acquiring a software companies. We will explore the different steps involved in the process and what you need to keep in mind when making an acquisition and simultaneously how to build a brand and create acquisition deal flow


00:00 Intro

00:27 Colin's Call to Adventure

01:38 Colin's First Acquisition - deal stack

03:02 Why they sold -

04:08 Getting the right Valuation

05:36 his analysis on Mark Leonard

07:19 SBA money hard for software

07:30 How he is building a brand

09:30 His Internet business buying course

11:00 Growing his acquisitions - his play book

12:46 Every deal we do is getting bigger

13:45 Talking about Andrew Wilkinson - all software tastes like chicken

15:44 Mark Leonard Constellation Software###-###-#### Acquisitions

17:28 Working on Fund - bringing cash to the party

18:39 best way to distill your learnings is teach it

20:50 Stretchy pants - sticking hands in sockets

22:04 Who he is inspired - weird thing about mentors

23:22 books he reads - American Kingpin

24:47 Make Moves - be serious about it.