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The year 2020 presented unprecedented challenges for organizations. A global pandemic, social unrest, and high unemployment required companies to re-evaluate their HR strategies and priorities. Organizations swiftly pivoted their communication methods, adopted new technology, and changed how and where work was done. As 2020 came to a close, the Lockton Talent & Culture Institute asked employers to shift their focus to the coming year. From December 2020 to February 2021, nearly 600 HR leaders shared their organization’s top talent and culture priorities for this year. We also asked a subset of respondents about their organizational practices and experiences in 2020 and their plans for[redacted]From a detailed analysis of qualitative and quantitative responses, four key trends were revealed:

CULTURE, ENGAGEMENT & THE 1 EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE Although many companies have traditionally recognized the value of developing culture, engagement and the employee experience, the pandemic challenged organizations to examine this area more critically. In 2021, over two-thirds of our survey respondents indicated that they are focused on building, strengthening or transforming these areas.

2 DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSION The events of 2020 shined a spotlight on the importance of DE&I in the workplace. In addition, the composition of the workforce is becoming increasingly diverse. By 2044, it is estimated that groups historically considered minority will reach majority status (Diversity). Due to these and other reasons, companies are more dedicated than ever to investing in DE&I initiatives in 2021.

3 CHANGE & TRANSFORMATION COVID-19 pandemic drove organizations to adapt how their organizations operate. Heading into 2021, employers will continue to focus on and invest in organizational change.

4 LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Organizations are continuing to focus on preparing leaders for today and the future with the greatest focus on building skills in team engagement and motivation, leading virtual and hybrid teams, and communicating

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