In this video, you will learn how Mushfiq Sarker, an entrepreneur and investor, bought over 200 niche sites and made millions in profits. Mushfiq breaks down how he finds and buys niche sites, growing them and selling them for big profits.


00:00 Intro

02:57 The Website Flip - Flipped 150 before launching

04:16 His start###-###-#### VOIP Affiliate - paid for college - discovering his path

07:00 His second - Amazon FBA when they paid 10%

09:03 How to Commit to his future - the threshold

10:13 The course on How to Flip websites

11:13 Teaching how to get a Maximum exit

12:09 What is Strategies to Maximize Profits

16:10 What is more valuable to buyer? 3X in traffic or 3X in profits?

18:48 Are you going to raise a Fund? Why? Why Not?

20:00 Average Acquisition Size today?

20:28 What is the acquisition process?

21:30 Are Flippa Valuations fair?

22:00 What is (its FREE)

23:43 Content Monthly Multiples 35X to 45X

25:23 MicroAcquire not good for content companies

26:44 What Mushfiq likes doing best - what he industry failed at

27:55 What he thinks of SaaS Businesses (even after having PhD in Engineering)

29:37 What Neil Patel did with ubersuggest and answerthepublic - paving the way

30:30 Copying Neil Patel by acquiring a content company

32:04 Using AI for content thoughts on ChatGPT

34:23 Price he paid for content agency

35:41 Doing Due Diligence

37:22 Due Diligence Sample Report - Traffic, Revenue, Content, Links RED FLAG REPORTS

42:20 Website Brokerage

44:27 What Mushfiq's day looks like - 3 Hours a Day

44:57 How has Mushfiq's life changed since he started Flipping Niche sites

48:00 How to make $10,000 a month - is it easy and What are first steps?

50:57 What is ezoic & odys?

54:03 Want to buy & flip Niche Content Sites - start here