It was so strange to read articles mentioning that average executive is spending approximately 15 hours every week on admin tasks.

These are the tasks that are important for the business but can easily be delegated.

You can save these hours by hiring a Virtual Assistant for a much lower cost as compared to the time you spend on those yourself.

I know it can be scary sometimes to hire someone and trust them with all the information and what if they don't deliver as you need?

Well, 2 things.

1.) Hire a good VA, with a good history.
2.) Take the leap of faith, or else you would be stuck in a place always.

What is your experience with hiring a VA?

If you haven't hired your first Virtual Assistant, I am here for you. Send me an email - have worked as an Executive Assistant and know in and outs of how a good VA should be. I hire and train Virtual Assistants and get your work done as desired under my supervision.