Since I published my first blog post last year, I've spoken to countless CEOs and entrepreneurs who have been struggling with issues ranging from purely commercial to purely personal. In most of these instances, I've been asked how I made my decision to step down from my CEO role in 2020, which is why I’ve decided to write this post.

In sharing this with you, I'm not necessarily advocating for making as drastic of a change I did. Indeed, CEOs and entrepreneurs have countless options beyond simply "persisting" or "quitting". But if some of my struggles resonate with you, I hope you'll take the opportunity to make the changes necessary to better align your life with the one that you want to be living.

Though one cannot be an entrepreneur or CEO without an otherworldly amount of persistence, at times there does come a point where it no longer makes sense to persist under the status quo at any cost. However, as any CEO will tell you, it’s extremely difficult for anybody to know whether they’re at one of those inflection points, or whether it’s simply a valley in the never-ending series of peaks and valleys that characterize the entrepreneurial journey.

Though I can’t tell you specifically what you should do, I can at least share with you the questions that I asked of myself in coming to my own decision. Link below:

How I Made My Decision to Step Down as CEO