There are 6 fundamental elements that are the foundation of healthy businesses everywhere:

1) Design - they are clear on how they move and have defined org structure, processes, and are intentional and deliberate with the "bets" they make in their business
2) Cadence - they move at the same pace by having defined quarterly objectives (OKRs), they have regular Healthy FIT conversations with their team to ensure they remain align with both values and the mission for their role, and they have weekly leadership syncs to stay on the same page and solve problems together
3) Score - they measure progress at the company, team, and individual level to know if they are on track or off track, and they take action accordingly
4) Destination - they go the same direction and are clear on where they are going, when they will get there, and why they are going there (purpose)
5) Ethos - they know who they are and are clear on their identity, their values, and their hedgehog (what they can be the best in the world at, what they are deeply passionate about, and what drives their economic engine Jim Collins hedgehog concept from Good to Great)
6) People - They have the right humans, growing and healthy and they focus on culture, problem solving, and leadership

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