Hey everyone, I'm new to the search world and am actively applying to business school, with the intent of launching a traditional search during/immediately following school.

I've been successful in organizing and running several very small (<$1M sales), very "normal" businesses in my hometown, and these experiences have been instrumental in leading me to pursue the search fund path. I'm currently a full-time management consultant at a boutique but run an event space (e.g., wedding receptions, class reunions, etc.) and a neighborhood bar on the side.

I'm curious if any successful searchers in this community have been serial "micro-entrepreneurs" and whether/how these experiences impacted the success of their venture. My hypothesis is that the experience itself may help secure funding, but I'm uncertain whether the highly tactical nature of my involvement in these businesses won't actually matter in the setting of a larger business (i.e., the size targeted with a traditional search path).