The things that were once considered ‘normal’ in the world of work have changed drastically. One phrase you may have heard a lot lately is "The Great Resignation" which was coined to describe how employees are no longer interested or happy with their jobs, and it's sent waves through HR departments across America!

These are a few steps to take beforehand so you can prevent great resignation from affecting your company:

Prioritize employee wellbeing

Endeavoring to create a culture where employee wellbeing comes first is not an easy task. One must make sure they are communicating with managers and team leaders about expectations, as well as having daily or weekly meetings in order for there to be appropriate benchmarks set up so people know how much work needs done per day/weekend without feeling overwhelmed by it all at once!

Strengthen the employee culture

The more people who are invested in your company’s culture, the better. In order to create this kind of environment you need a clear and consistent recognition strategy that can be used by everyone at every level throughout an organization-from leadership down through team membership ceremonies like end-of week recognized or quarterly awards ceremonies help foster appreciation within teams which leads directly into developing strong corporate cultures.

Focus on giving benefits

When companies don't offer a financially sound benefits package, their employees may feel less secure. However there are ways that these businesses can help keep workers happy and productive by providing financial education or money management services for the sake of employee success within work settings as well outside them!

Introduce a growth framework

It's crucial for employers to show employees the opportunities available with them. The best managers don't just offer jobs — they give careers! Although HR are typically responsible in helping workers progress within their role, this can be an opportunity where leadership takes on more of a hands-on approach and provides team members tools that will help make the path clearer as well guide future growth aspirations/planning processes forward.