00:00 Intro to Jason

01:00 How he started

02:40 Raising $406M Capital to Acquire

05:27 Tell us the story of the Trillium Healthcare acquisition

06:36 Types of companies you acquire and why

08:58 Why did you buy a company where 88% of revenue came from one customer?

12:40 Do you replace management?

15:09 How long do you give yourself to improve measurables?

16:10 what do offers look like - cap stack?

12:58 How fast do you move on acquisitions?

19:16 Are you competing with other buyers?

20:06 How long do you keep the companies in your portfolio?

21:14 Do you employ and investment banker to help you sell the companies?

22:13 How do you choose an investment banker?

24:09 Do you care where/who its sold to?

25:43 What is a ReTrade?

27:56 What is volume of communication you have with Investors?

29:56 Any companies, you try to fix/improve, that did not work out?

32:09 What attracts you to Food companies?

34:39 What life stage was the Food acquisition in?

38:01 What do you do with a product line that is not making money?

38:25 That company that is over 120 years old sounds like buy and hold, how does that fit in a PE?

39:48 Who do you go to for advice, mentorship?

42:08 Skip level interviews - what are they?

43:49 Customer is always right to...take care of your people

44:20 what is some of the best advice you received

45:44 What would you can a "Win"?

47:08 If you find a great operator do you hire him away for other companies?

48:14 What is next for you, working until you are 99 years old?

49:29 How many acquisitions do you have planned for the year?

49:39 What does deal flow look like for you?