Hi guys - Thought it maybe helpful to provide some updates on the HK situation to the group given I am based here.

In terms of safety, it is still relatively safe as long as you are not going to the wrong place at the wrong time though there are signs that this is deteriorating as more areas are affected. So if you have essential travel here, I would say stay cautious but no need to cancel.

In terms of business, spoke to a bank just yesterday and they mentioned their credit department is obviously getting tighter. Retail is pretty severely affected obviously with visitors and sales down 50%+.

Interestingly, just watched a Li Ka Shing documentary 20 years ago and if you look at what he has done, he has a lot of investments in places where common law prevails such as UK, Singapore, Australia.

So I thought this is a good wake up call to build a diversified portfolio not just in terms of industries but also jurisdictions so I am spending more time studying opportunities outside of HK for the time being.

Please connect if anyone has interest in the places above. I do have some business and bank contacts already and let's see how we can help each other.