Helping a family member informally to sell his line of patented designs of high-end frames, home gifts, cabinetry &door hardware business. As he approaches retirement, he is looking for someone to take over. Master Atellier, high end craftsman & luxury covering vintage, modern and antique markets

The 3 lines are:

1 - Home Gifts Stemware, Picture Frames, gift boxes, religious collectibles
2 - Door Hardware - bronze collection of door knobs and bells
3- Cabinet Hardware - Knobs, handles and hinges

Dealer network in place plus direct sales. Domestic & overseas.

Massive opportunity for increased profitability for moving manufacturing overseas if desired (he currently manufactures in US).

Video of designs, lines etc


Initial stages of exploring a sale, more details coming available, but if at all interested shoot me an email.
can view more @ www.edgarberebi.com


Rich Berrebbi