Seeking capital.
Looking for someone to take a small ownership stake or provide debt equity on a note, to help me with down payment money to acquire a home care agency for 2.8 million in suburban Philadelphia. It has an office staff ready to go, it has a relatively strong track record of 2.7 million + in revenue the last 3 years and is ready for me to come in and control the revenue, add this piece to my portfolio of home care agencies, and for you to get a fair return for the foreseeable future. I am relatively young, 34, and ready to run in home care for a number of years to build a very large portfolio of home care agencies under the Miracle Makers brand. Message me for financials. I'd like someone who wants to grow together, and control around 100M in Home Care with 15M+ In EBITDA. How we split up the partnership is negotiable, I am a home care operator, not a deal guy, my background is running these things and growing them. I just want to scale and run and take over the Philly market through aggressive marketing once we acquire the companies, use the cash flow to get my brand out, grow organically and through acquisitions by building the miracle makers brand. Thank you for your time, message me anytime!

Philadelphia, PA, USA
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