We kick off October's live stream schedule with our first-ever summit on Exploring the Boundaries of Search. The summit explores the hurdles faced by searchers launching today.

Starting a Search Fund Mid-Career: Risky Business?

We start with a panel on launching your search fund mid-career from a self-funded, incubated and traditional search perspective.
Our panelists include ^Searchfunder member‌, ^Searchfunder member‌, ^Searchfunder member‌ and ^Searchfunder member

Many searchers would like to conduct a partnered search. In this panel, we address the topic of how to go about finding the perfect partner for you. Our panelists include: ^Searchfunder member‌, ^Searchfunder member‌, ^Searchfunder member‌, and ^Searchfunder member‌‌

Women in Search Success Circle

We wrap up the summit with our Women in Search Success Circle's discussion of the case note On Women Launching Search Funds. We're delighted to have ^Searchfunder member‌, one of its writers, as a participant. We plan this session as a conversation for women in search and their allies. We hope you'll participate by voice, video or in the chat.

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