My partners and I acquired a metal fabrication business in 2016 and have since done two additional add ons. We both work full time in the company but have built out the management team to a point where we don’t manage the day to day. We have decided to start a hold co and have a new deal under LOI. This company will remain its own entity under our hold co and will not be part of our current operating company, as it has its own unique product line. We are looking for a President to run this company. Any tips on hiring this person? We are thinking some kind of phantom stock plan will be needed to entice the right candidate. Would appreciate any compensation structures that have worked. For reference current revenue is around $7M but with some obvious improvements to the manufacturing process to increase throughput we should be at $12-15M shortly with the right leader. We don’t need this person to be an expert on the manufacturing side of it, but we do need them to develop the sales and leadership structure. Thanks! Also feel free to reach out if this position interests you.