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STRATEGIC ACQUISITION Home health care scheduling SaaS (Software as a Service) powered by the cloud, helping care agencies take control of their HR management processes quickly and conveniently, whilst on the move. From scheduling staff, to recording and updating staff profiles, to organizing all their mission critical documentation, this innovative platform makes it easy for business owners to streamline their daily operations. Nearly $1 million and 3 ½ years of time have been invested into this HIPAA-compliant product and branding, with over 6,000 unpaid hours invested into product research and software development. This “Buy vs Build” opportunity is a perfect strategic acquisition for: * Software providers in the home care industry looking for a “bolt-on” business offering for their clients to increase revenue and profits. * ​Existing home care agencies looking to streamline their internal systems. * Anyone in an adjacent health care technology niche looking to break into the home health space as trends are showing a large portion of healthcare moving into the home. Learn more here: https://www.westboundroad.com/home-health.html

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