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The company specializes in high-end custom residential construction, encompassing both new construction and renovation projects, as well as light commercial projects. With two offices in Northwest Michigan, the company has demonstrated consistent growth since its inception. This growth is attributed to a strategic focus on reinvestment in the business, including employee training, the latest in woodworking technology/finishing, enhancing tools and equipment to improve operational efficiency. Strengths: • Steady Growth • Geographical Advantage • Safety Focus • Diverse Portfolio • Transparent Pricing Business Details: • Projects range in prices of $600 to $1,800 per square foot, with an average range of $700 to $800 per square foot. • The company's average completion time for a new home is 18 months, demonstrating efficiency and reliability in delivering projects within reasonable timeframes. • Project mix comprises approximately 75% new home construction and 25% renovation projects. Opportunities for Prospective Buyers: • Growth opportunities in the high-end residential and light commercial construction sectors. • Buyer can build on this foundation to expand the business and secure long-term client relationships. • The company's strategic location provides a level of security and resilience against economic fluctuations, making it an attractive investment in a potentially uncertain market. • With a strong focus on high-end custom residential construction, there is ample room for market expansion, especially in regions with growing demand for luxury homes and commercial spaces. The company is a compelling opportunity for investors seeking a stable and reputable construction business with room for growth and a commitment to safety and quality. Leveraging its established foundation, a new owner can capitalize on the company's strengths to further expand and thrive in the construction industry.

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Northwest Michigan
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