Looking for a buyer.
Here's one of those rare, under the radar Burt's Bees, Barq's Root Beer finds with a tech tail. Highly differentiated products produce 80% gross margins at this proprietary art publishing & branded clothing company with great portfolio of underexposed brands & IP. Sales reliably $3.75M - $4M with a 24% bottom line & little operating capital required. Currently sold only through the Company's top-1% online store without any marketing or sales team - ever. Imagine the possibilities.  Hold the Company as a bond with an equity kicker or use the cash flow to continue building out the deployed innovative tech platform developed for the legacy biz (like AWS was) but portable & applicable in many other verticals. Or use it to expand the $1M tropical clothing line positioned for a warming planet leveraging the Company's exceptional trademarks. Accretive to almost any existing firm & a great opportunity to own underexploited assets primed for growth in several directions. A protective moat assures revenue for years to come.

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exclusive representation
United States
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