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This, well established, North Texas gutter company boasts a variety of services including 5” and 6” seamless, on-site gutter manufacturing and installation, box gutter, 6” half round, and commercial styles of all kinds, as well as a thriving French-drain division. Over its 18-years of business, the business has accumulated upwards of 30 long-term contracting customers including custom home builders, remodelers, and roofers. These longstanding relationships served them well while other similar businesses struggled during the Covid downturn. The company has built a strong reputation in the area west of the I-35W corridor and, consequently, has had no need to take on additional opportunities outside of that market. As such, the company is poised for growth should a buyer move into these other lucrative areas. Unlike the burden and risks of starting a new company and building a customer base, this business offers a basis of profitable and reoccurring business, allowing an energetic newcomer to expand into new geographic territories with less risk. Geographic opportunity isn’t the only potential for growth. The French-drain division only represents 15% of its sales in the commercial arena. There is significant growth potential for a buyer who is willing to leverage these connections with its French-drain business.

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Fort Worth, TX, USA
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