Looking for a buyer.
Founded twenty five years ago and based in the Midwest region of the US, our client (“Build” or the “Company”) is a highly profitable remodeling Company in the high end residential and commercial sector, focusing on an exceptional customer experience and satisfaction befor e, during, and after each construction project. Over the past five years, the Company has averaged revenue above $3 million and an average adjusted EBITDA of over $600,000 or 21%. As the sector activity rebounds from the COVID 19 pandemic, revenue is expected to grow by 7% in the next five years. Project Build’s strong longstanding reputation, unmatched customer experience, and work quality will continue to deliver stable cash flows. The Company’s excellent track record and strong market reputation, strong vendor relationships, impeccable operations and workf low, and hands on management provide for a sustainable business model that doesn’t rely on advertising for business development. A prospective acquirer could achieve double digit revenue growth if it augments advertising and marketing.

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exclusive representation
Illinois, USA
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