My name is Kevin Lehmann. A friend from SMBTwit recommended I join. (I'm @GoodsCapital),

I left a Wall Street career in early 2021 to found a CPG consulting firm called Goods Intelligence and a VC entity called Goods Ventures. I have a "search fund" called Goods Partners -- seeking small CPG-related acquisitions. Made two offers in 2021, failed on valuation mismatch, still searching.

I also own an M&A/brokerage practice focused on SMBs (affiliated with Murphy Business Sales). I'm a generalist, but focused somewhat on CPG, healthcare, and trades businesses given my background. Currently have 8 sell-side engagements across several sectors, and a small handful of buy-side projects.

Before I started my businesses, I worked in sell-side equity research at Evercore/RBC -- CPG, ag, restaurants. Former Nielsen. Former fixed-income sec trader.

Spent 10+ years in emergency medicine/rescue. And my family owns a small construction business in NJ -- grew up in that industry.

Penn State grad. 34 years old... Live in central NJ... married with 2 toddlers.