Seeking capital for acquisition.
This is a 2 year old, smaller sized (350K) and simply run, heavily sales driven platform that outsources the creation of ecommerce stores on the Shopify platform for customers (Over 400 to date) and has experienced significant growth in the past 8 months. (160K Net Profit in the TTM with a recent tweak that will increase that without any additional growth to about 200K per year) The seller is flexible on price, is willing to hold a small seller note, and has already agreed to a 3 year non compete and to consulting long term for free. He is a great guy and has also stated that he is very willing to have calls with potential investors to answer any questions in order to help me out, but he does want a larger cash down payment at closing because he plans on building 2-3 other businesses in non competing spaces.

I'm flexible to discussing ideas, but ideally, I would like to work out some sort of debt financing or earn out with a large lump sum balloon payment after refinancing in to an SBA loan in 2 years which I have already discussed with a well known and highly respected lender in this space.

The seller is very confident in my ability to run the business and went through the SBA process twice with me over the past 2.5 months. The first lender was very unprofessional and disappeared midway through the process so I cold called lenders and found another that provided full bank approval, but let me know shortly after that their SBA contact informed them that it would most likely not be approved due to the short track record despite significant growth trends.

To reiterate: This is a very simply run sales drives platform that essentially acts as a middleman to outsource the creation of ecommerce stores on the Shopify platform. It is very cash flow positive as services are paid for upfront via credit card before 1099 contractors are paid. The business is very simply run. Traffic is driven primarily through Facebook ads which leads them to a prerecorded webinar that runs every 15 minutes before scheduling a sales call with the seller. There are also many further growth opportunities and "low hanging fruit" that the seller has not taken advantage of yet.

Seller is willing to be creative on terms, but needs at least 160K total at closing. I can put between 25K-50K of my own money towards this number.

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