He Who Does Not Assert His Rights... Has None! Once you learn how these trusts operate, break down how they are worded, what laws regulate them, how they can protect you and your assets; most importantly, you'll learn that this trust CANNOT be made by lawyers! Every time our trust paperwork was brought to a lawyer, the same thing would happen WITHOUT FAIL… they’d throw it out without another word or real explanation (except ONE constitutional lawyer who explained he legally couldn't create the trust on our behalf)! You will be guided on setting up your own Bulletproof Trust and gain the ability to limit your tax liability and obtain the highest level of protection available. Then no one can touch your assets - EVER! For sake of time, here are our 10 favorite HIDDEN BENEFITS of protecting your assets with The Bulletproof Trust:

#1: Eliminate Attorney and Executor Fees #2: Transfer & Keep Assets 100% Private #3: Limit Your Tax Liability (tax reduction) #4: Pass Your Wealth On (no inheritance taxes) #5: Protection from Seizure & Collections #6: Provide for a Relative or Loved One #7: Own & Operate a Business (and/or sue) in the trust's name (without involvement in a personal capacity) #8: Trustee is Bound by Contract to Protect Confidentiality (Courts have no authority to force someone to abrogate the rights of contract). #9: Express Trusts Aren't Bound by Legislative Control. *This is what gives the trust it's utmost privacy. #10: Express Trusts are Very Hard to Pierce. There's no lawful method by which to pierce the trust without consent of the trustee, or some unlawful activity on the part of the trust. Pretty cool, right?

Honestly, this is just scratching the surface... If you own a business, the list of benefits as an owner alone would be DOUBLE THIS! Best of all, you'll be able to setup the Bulletproof Trust in a matter of days - not months or YEARS! We’ve done all the hard work for you so all you have to do is read the entire document, fill in the blanks and visit the bank. It’s literally THAT simple! FOR MORE INFORMATION###-###-#### . --@----.com