I'm excited for the HBS ETA Conference this Sunday! Below are the panel topics. Which topics are you most interested in?

Conference tickets are still available here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2020-search-fund-conference-tickets[redacted]

Early Morning Panels Tactical Sourcing Deep-Dive, moderated by Greg Geronemus ETA Investor Perspectives, moderated by Royce Yudkoff Challenges of Being a First Time CEO, moderated by Jim Sharpe
Late Morning Panels Alternative ETA Strategies, moderated by Jason Pananos Value Creation Strategies, moderated by Jay Davis Screening & Evaluating Investment Opportunities, moderated by Jeremy Silverman
Early Afternoon Panels Building Your Deal Team, moderated by David Rosner Attracting Talent to Small Business, moderated by Jason Pananos Searching Abroad, moderated by Felipe Corcuera
Late Afternoon Panels Industry Thesis Thinktank, moderated by Tiffany Clay Augustyn Life After Search, moderated by Jay Davis Relationship Management with Sellers, moderated by Jim Sharpe