The debate is over: Seinfeld is the best tv show ever made...and it's not even close.

And (arguably) the best Seinfeld episode is called "The Opposite" -- Season 5, Episode 22.

In this episode, George decides to turn his life around by doing the exact opposite of what he's "supposed" to do.

Hilarious, and yet, quite thought-provoking.

Have you ever tried this???

Based on my own journey, I am convince that you might actually have a BETTER CHANCE of success by doing the opposite of what most so-called "experts" tell you!

Try this:

* Build a list of unsexy businesses that might not even be for sale ("...but, you're supposed to just skim BizBuySell, BizQuest...")

* Go after lesser-known industries that rarely get talked about ("...but, what about HVAC, residential cleaning, e-commerce, etc...")

* Pick up your phone and cold-call your list, the old-fashioned way ("...but, cold-calling random people is annoying and never works...")

* Leave a voicemail and then immediately text them ("...but, no one ever answers a random text message...")

* Be very direct and ask these business owners when was the last time they thought about retiring ("...but, that's way too personal and might actually offend some people...")

* In your cold-emails, write like an 8th grader and stick to less than 200 words per email ("...but, you're supposed to sound sophisticated and try to impress them with your long list of achievements...")

* Spin up an ugly website that is "good enough" and gets the job done ("...but, you're supposed to look polished and professional...")

Think about it:

Most of the businesse owners on your list areSearchfunder memberconstantly bombarded by potential buyers.

If you want to stand out, look no further than George Costanza!

For once, ignore the "experts."

Try doing the opposite.

Happy Searching,