Dear SaaS B2B company CEOs, and investors:

Would you see value in outsourcing lead generation for your B2B enterprise / portfolio company (I don't mean companies that simply find email addresses, but more sophisticated players who help you develop a lead strategy, pose as members of your team, locate qualified leads and decision-makers within your target segments, and lay up meetings for your commercial team to convert)?

Or is this too essential / sensitive a function for you to outsource?

How often have you been approached by such service providers in your industry?
Is this something you have considered (or tried) in the past and passed on? If so, why?

If you have engaged such a company, how did you evaluate them? What contract terms did you find attractive? What percentage of your marketing budget did you spend / what ROI were you targeting?

Any light you might be able to shed is most appreciated!

Thank you :)

Landale Partners Ltd.