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Your chance to invest in an exciting startup who is paving the way for a new market segment in the booming and recently deregulated cannabis industry in Canada. With their unique cultivation system, forecasts of production of top shelf pharmaceutical grade products for under US$0.35/g is viable, which means significant upside potential for shareholders. They're after $3m USD in exchange for 7.6% equity at a $39.47m USD pre-money valuation. Funds will primary be deployed to secure a 256,000kg production facility to initiate production at scale. From month 15, monthly revenue exceeds $1m USD of which over 85% goes straight to the bottom line. Projections of total net profit at 24 months is $10.3m USD. **Highlights** - unique white label opportunity to turn existing products in the market into a premium sale - facility fully approved by Health Canada - exclusive product which has the ability to pull market share from the cannabis black market (no other product or market segment can make this claim) - premiere product already has extensive media coverage, as well as online viral exposure - simultaneous sister startup in Latin America already has strong traction on the way to become the effective monopoly of legal cannabis export, providing obvious synergies back to Canada headquarters and thus accelerating the valuation as a whole For further details on how to take advantage of this investment vehicle, email --@----.com to set up a quick introduction zoom call.

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