Hi All, I have already connected with some of you through Searchfunder but my name is Joe Zajac and a mentor recently introduced me to the Search Fund concept. I am two years out of undergrad and have worked in a revenue driving operations role for a software company in Portland, ME. I recognize I am likely too young/green to buy my own company; however, everything I read about the Search Fund experience and subsequent work resonates with me (autonomy, mentorship, learning how to drive and create value, etc.). I am looking to find a Searcher who is close to or has recently acquired a company and work for her or him as a GM/Chief of Staff. I pride myself on my willingness to do any job within an organization and feel my attitude to do so positions me as an "athlete" eager to learn as much as I can. Although I currently live in the Northeast, I am geographically agnostic as to my next location and am ready to move when the opportunity presents itself. Please reach out to connect so I can learn about you and your experience, as well as tell you a bit more about myself. I appreciate how welcoming this community has already been and I look forward to speaking with more members of it. Thank you very much! Best, Joe