It has officially launched. Our online self-paced Getting Search Ready (GSR) program is a series of on-line modules and self-assessments for those seeking clarity in Search Fund options. This program encompasses the first part of getting yourself ready to Search for a business to acquire, develop a plan, and define parameters for search frameworks.

There are no prerequisites for this program, however, you will be required to undertake a number of assessments and complete the program prework to ensure you understand Searching. The program is designed to give you; • An overview of Search Funds and Searching, the concept, history and process, • A guide to the factors you will consider in deciding on your Search, • Reflection on the Search Journey, your skills, mindset etc. • A template Investor Discussion Document to begin formulating your Search Strategy • Clear next steps If you are interested in registering please connect with Trish at [redacted] who will get you started today. We are always excited to work with you on the start of your Search journey.. Lui Pangiarella