Hi Everyone,

My path to ETA will be a little different from the traditional model as an independent sponsor.

There are most likely deals that you have found that you have to pass on for one reason or another where it might make sense for me as an independent sponsor to take over. Maybe there is someone at the business that wants to step up to run the operations, owner wants to still run but needs a capital provider, or for some reason or another, it just doesn't fit the typical search fund criteria.

I'd like to help you get paid for the deals you find and pass on - if you are open to it. If I'm successful on any deals I'll pay a fee to be paid at closing. This helps you get some additional money in your budget to find that perfect deal or a way to buy more equity in your deals.

Here's a link to My Schedule ( if you'd like to talk about a deal and [redacted] is my email if you have a sheet to share.

Thanks in advance for anything you are willing to share.

Happy Searching!

Daniel Comparetto