I am pleased to come out of hiding and share with you what we have been working on at Perseuss the last 6 months for our biggest customer, Medusa.

It has been 3 months since we launched the Perseuss Smart Packing algorithm in Medusa's warehouse. Today, we are processing most of Medusa's orders and are provably saving them on shipping cost, decreasing mistakes in picking and packing and, most importantly, improving employee experience by turning work into a game.

Please check out the Case Study Video to see what employees of Medusa have to say about Perseuss in their own words. My favorite line is from Rosa: "I feel like I am playing a video game!"

Please comment & share to spread the word that we are now able to turn warehouse work into a fun game that improves productivity and saves money for the business. Shoot me an email or text if you want to talk more about gamification of warehouse work and how it can save money for 3PLs and Distributor companies.

Case Study Video:

Full Case Study:

I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead of them!