Seeking capital.
We're on the cusp of something big, and we want you on board. Our SaaS acquisition is in motion, with an IOI (Indication of Interest) already on the table, and we're ready to lock in the LOI (Letter of Intent). Here's the sweet part: We've been self-funding the search, and we're about to commit real capital to make this acquisition happen. The numbers are compelling: $159,486 in revenue, $76,000 in profit, all offered at an asking price of $380,000. Our plan is ambitious, with a 120% revenue growth target for year two. We'll introduce a premium subscription, build a sales team, invest in content marketing, and form strategic partnerships. Your investment could make this deal not just exciting but highly profitable. Are you available for a quick chat to explore this opportunity further? With a solo founder at the helm, there's been no dedicated sales setup, yet it's been profitable. There's also no marketing team in place, and the founder is swamped with product demo calls. Customer support hasn't been a priority. So, why the sale? The founder has two other thriving SaaS businesses and an exciting new project demanding full attention. Now, here's why we're primely positioned to take this venture to new heights. We bring cost efficiencies to the table by providing essential services through our channel partners. Picture this: Marketing, sales support, and access to a vast network of entrepreneurs to sell our services to. We're geared up to bring the missing pieces into play and make this SaaS acquisition a roaring success. This is your chance to transform a solid business into a thriving industry leader. Ready to dive in? Let's chat and explore how your involvement can be a game-changer in this exciting journey!

San Francisco, CA
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