Hi everyone,

My name is Kevin, and I'm planning to kick off a self-funded search with a partner, Aaron, roughly a year from now. We're looking to start connecting with others in the searchfund community - please respond below if you'd be interested in connecting and willing to share your experiences as a searcher on a short call.

A little background on us: we're both currently working full time corporate jobs, me as a credentialed actuary and data scientist managing a marketing analytics and pricing group for a large property & casualty insurer, and Aaron with pre and post MBA experience in strategy/management consulting, focusing on supply chain and operations.

We are planning on a national search targeting a company with $1-3M EBITDA with opportunities to add value through our analytical and supply chain backgrounds, though hoping to refine that criteria as we learn over the next few months.

Looking forward to getting to know others in this great community!