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Contact person is: PRANAV Senior Associate - Private Placement T +###-###-####

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The Approach: Our team of fundraisers and bankers work collaboratively with you to understand your requirements and produce a strategy to raise capital for you, including Understand your deal characteristics - geography, sectors, size, market model, stage. Factor in your preferences of a viable partner. Curate a target list of investors and crosscheck with your blacklist. Research on strategic investors Review and update your docs to tell your story and optimize it to attract investor interest Produce a short pitch to approach prospective investors. Contact investors with your deal - methodology options:- We integrate your alias email for investor outreach, landing you directly in the inbox of potential investors. Includes tech-based, automated outreach, as well as manual outreach, carried out over - Email and/or LinkedIn If required, our analyst team will remain available to coordinate your investor calls, be present on your investor calls, and provide ongoing support with any additional material (attracts a per ticket closure fee, outlined under) Upon being offered a term sheet, our team will remain available to provide any support to help you decide on proceeding with the transaction (attracts a per ticket closure fee, outlined under) The client may continue to close various tickets until the target amount is raised. Marquee will continue the process until the target amount is raised, or the client decides to terminate the process.

Timeline: We can take the opportunity to market within 2-3 days of beginning the work with us and can begin lining up expressions of interest within 3-4 days of working with us.


Tranche 1 – A setup fee of $3000-$6000 (depending on the level of service and customization required). The Basic plan includes($3000): -Creation of a one-pager pitch -Outreach to strategic investors shortlisted based on sector, stage, size, geography, and market model of the deal -Tech and communication setup (API integration) -Follow-ups with investors

For an additional $1500 the documents creation is done: -Build Pitch deck ($300), Business Plan ($800), and Financial Model ($400) to support the transaction

For an additional $1500 -A relationship manager to be assigned to manage day-to-day processes -Daily reports on investor activity (including metrics like how many investors contacted and analytics like, how many potential investors responded plus a full breakdown of who viewed the deal and from which firm)

  • An investment analyst is on standby to support you at investor meetings and also cater to negotiation, transaction and closer assistance

Tranche 2 - Upon successful closure of each ticket, Marquee gets paid 1.5% Marketing Fee of the amount closed.