In this video, ^Searchfunder member‌ talks about how he went from being a Investor HoldCo GM to an Exit Advisor. He shares what to specifically focus on how the exit advisor can help maximize value for the shareholders of the company.


00:00 Intro Damon Pistulka

00:30 How he got started in M&A - working for PwC & finding "it"

06:33 What learned about acquisitions when the company he worked for was acquired

11:20 Copying Micheal Dell's JIT strategy

12:20 Buying an acquisition based valuing on underperforming assets

15:54 The Better you set up your company for acquisitions, the more you can pay

16:57 Done working for someone else - the distasteful work of laying people off

20:20 Why not become a business broker - sobering message if you wait at the end

25:54 If you are burned out - Just close it down and liquidate your assets

31:45 His first exit client success story - good bones but loaded with $8 million in debt

35:10 What seller had to do to pay down debt

39:45 Working backwards - goals to KPI's

40:32 How Damon, Exit advisors, gets paid

41:55 Finding more clients with gas in their tank

44:00 How many deals does an Exit advisor need to be working on

45:32 With your EXIT clients Do you recommend firing people?

47:03 Fastest Exit - anyone tells you can sell your business in 6 months is full of...

49:57 How do you help CEOs with mindset?

51:16 Oddest thing Damon saw holding CEO's back from growth - Trust the process

54:04 Cobbler does not have best shoes.

55:01 How to grow your business: share everything we know