Join Attorney Trevor Crow for an insightful and practical 30-minute FREE webinar on the critical economic terms in Series Seed Financings, tailored for startup founders and investors. Whether you're preparing for your first round of financing or looking to refine your knowledge, this webinar will equip you with the essential tools and insights needed to navigate your next deal.

When: Tuesday, June 25 at 12:00 pm Mountain Time via Zoom

REGISTER HERE: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/###-###-#### /WN_NEYtSj7MSTCNOAFZxU2rqA


- Valuation and Price: Learn how to determine the value of your startup and understand the factors that influence the price per share in a Series Seed round.

- Liquidation Preferences: Gain insights into liquidation preferences, what they mean for your exit strategy, and how they impact the distribution of proceeds.

- Pay-to-Play: Discover the implications of pay-to-play provisions, which incentivize investors to participate in future funding rounds.

-Vesting: Understand the importance of vesting schedules for founders and employees, and how they align incentives within your startup.

- Antidilution: Explore antidilution clauses designed to protect investors from dilution during subsequent financing rounds, and learn how they can affect your equity.

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ABOUT DOIDA CROW LEGAL: Doida Crow Legal is a preeminent M&A corporate boutique law firm in Denver, Colorado that helps entrepreneurs grow, buy, and sell businesses. Visit our website for more information: www.doidacrow.com

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Trevor Crow is an Attorney & Co-Founder at Doida Crow Legal. Trevor represents an array of businesses, founders, and investors. He focuses on business transactions, including the purchase and sale of businesses, entity selection and formation, equity and debt financing transactions, complex joint ventures, and commercial contracts.

Trevor holds both a J.D. and an L.L.M. in Taxation, and uses his unique dual expertise to counsel business entities and individuals on tax planning related to their business transactions. He is deeply entrenched in the particularities of tax law for business transactions and takes a holistic approach to deliver practical and effective strategies to minimize taxes.

Trevor Crow's Bio: https://www.doidacrow.com/about/trevor-a-crow/

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