You’re doing the search wrong if you go alone.


Search is part of the prep for owning the business.

That’s how my team and I churned out a massive deal flow and landed a sweet firm. We looked at 3,000 acquiring firms to find a sweet firm, and we still look at 425 a week to find the next sweet firm.

Business is a team sport.

When you play solo, you're playing on hard mode.

Learn how to build your own search team. In this FREE Online Event: How to Buy an Accounting Firm, where you’ll discover ways to:

1. Create a search machine

2. Delegate to a team

3. Get past brokers if you are a non-CPA or a CPA workout public accounting experience

F—boring talks. We’re bringing next-level engagement through breakout rooms and networking.

It gets better.

There is nothing to buy at the end of the amazing event.

That’s a steal.

Why am I giving you this l? I get to 10 DMs a week about buying an accounting firm and have medical issues that require 10 hours a week of care.

This is my way of giving back to the SMB community, which has supported me and made acquisitions easier for others.

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