Would love to chat with former investment bankers turned searcher CEOs, particularly ones with experience operating their target company, to get a sense for the strengths and weaknesses their background provided them.

I think the obvious strengths are:
-know the process for capital raising and M&A
-financial acumen and modeling skills
-knowledge on how to diligence a company
-exposure to different types of companies and their business models
-experience working with management teams

I think the obvious weaknesses are:
-minimal management experience
-trained in a short-term, transaction-oriented mindset
-minimal exposure to day-to-day operations

I think a lot of the strengths might be helpful in the search/deal phase, but what about the operations phase?

The area I am exploring is two-fold:
(1) What potential strengths am I missing in the list above and how have those strengths manifested themselves in the operating phase of search? Are there particularly types of companies / situations that someone with junior to mid-career banking experience might be uniquely capable to excel in?

(2) What were your weaknesses and how did you mitigate those weaknesses?