Very few people understand what it's truly like being the spouse of an entrepreneur or CEO. Not only are they are directly impacted by the emotional high and lows that are typical of the journey, but in many cases they play a large (though often unnoticed and under-appreciated) role in our ultimate successes and failures.

In spite of the importance of the role that spouses play however, the role of a spouse or partner in the entrepreneurial journey is a very under-discussed topic, at least within the literature of which I’m aware. In this week's post, I attempt to shine a light on the role that spouses play in the entrepreneurial journey from the perspective of both the spouse and the entrepreneur. I do this by discussing my own experiences, as well as presenting the results of two anonymous surveys, one of which was sent to a group of entrepreneurs and CEOs, and one of which was sent to their spouses.

Link: The Entrepreneur and the Spousal Relationship