In this video, Pete Seligman walks us through all five of his acquisitions, major focus on the first one, that he's been a part of and the two exits. Pete is an experienced entrepreneur and investor who has been involved in a number of different industries over the years. In this video, he provides some great insights into the world of acquisitions – what to look for, what to avoid, and how to make sure you get the most value out of the deal.

Look for the "sailing" sports - business analogy


00:00 Intro to Pete in Australia!

00:56 Call to Adventure - What was missing in his life

03:57 Why some humans need to be responsible for Inputs RESULTS

05:54 Buying a business in Australia (vs the USA)

07:15 acquisition Criteria - Why Direct Invoicing was important

10:29 First Acquisition Cap Stack

11:49 Did seller/owner stay on?

13:21 How did you find the business and was it a "good" business

18:38 Why you need to "work-in" the business - to start

19:25 Bringing a Sledgehammer to the valuation and offer

23:11 His style of offers - margin of safety & single digit offer

26:05 Buy and Hold - no target exit date

27:10 Paying salaries - what happens when cash flow from acquisition is not enough

27:50 big skeletons in the closet came after acquisition

29:48 When he first felt the "What he was meant to do" Dopamine rush

33:18 His inspiration - mentors

34:44 Growing the first acquisition & buying more

36:00 When business owners hit a glass ceiling

37:50 Ocean racing vs sailing around the harbor

39:11 Courting the 2nd acquisition seller

39:48 Making an offer to seller they could not refuse - call options

43:50 Buying the same type of business but in unrelated industries just 2X in 5 years

47:13 Scaling, software vs service - why you need domain expertise

49:13 More acquisitions - parking meters & selling to a PE firm

50:58 Attracting investors to co-invest buying bigger companies

52:23 Buying a Travel Business - why you need to "stick to your knitting"

54:37 Making himself redundant & Becoming a Search Fund Investor/Coach

1:00:33 Getting in touch with Pete on LinkedIn