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This firearm merchant and improvement firm is maintained by the in-house personnel which allows for passive ownership and boasts an annual cash flow of over $1M. Currently this business has 700 firearms in stock, valued at $1.2M and the seller will guarantee that the merchandise will remain at $1.2M which collateralizes over 50% of the bank loan! Their surplus of inventory includes a wide variety of new and used firearms for sports, protection, and recreational use, plus ammunition, scopes, sites, holsters, safes, and more. With years of experience in the firearms industry, they are a full-service business offering services such as firearm sales, gun trading, gunsmithing & cleaning to prepare firearms for off-season storage, scope installation, night sight installation, total tear down, cleaning, reassembly, and function checks of firearms. The general manager in place fully handles business operations, including online sales which allows the business to be passively owned. Not only does this manager hold an emotional investment in this business, but he will also hold the 10% equity roll which will financially incentivize future success within the company. Another incredible asset of the business is the well-trained and experienced team whom all have a long tenure within the company. Their diverse outreach of customers includes local law enforcement agencies, first responders, military personnel, hunters, recreational shooters, people wanting to protect their home. The revenue, both online and in store, is generally split evenly between the sale of firearms and accessories. With an established customer base they sell approximately 3,000 firearms per year, with 1,000 of those sold to repeat customers. They work out of a 3,000 sq. ft. space and the current rent is $2,600/month, with 4 years left on the lease. Priced at $3,250,000, this business is in a prime geographic location, has a solid online sales representation, has an outstanding reputation built on customer services, this business is primed for a new owner to step in and enjoy the spoils of an annual cash flow over $1M. A new owner could offer more online products by working with more distributors; the company currently works with three distributors but has memberships with 12. Opening the store on Sundays would also lead to a boost in sales.

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exclusive representation
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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