Greeting from Finland – Winter has come.

Search ⋅buy ⋅continue ⋅grow

I started a finnish search with my business partner last autumn. As the idea is of buying a company is as old as Helsinki, it was nice to find a clear platform for this adventure. It helps to have books and videos and publications on the subject.

Refinery7 searchs and screens positive cash flow companies in Finland, buys one at a time, continues them and fosters them to continued growth.

My first company was a bit of a startup and I am done with startups – time to become a conservative force in business.

Invest in boringly stable Scandinavia! As scandinavians are reluctant to become entrepreneurs (and we are not), there is a buyers market.

In the next 10 years 10,000 companies in Finland with more than 10 employees are coming to the retirement age of the owner-entrepreneur. The owners are often a little tired and bored after 25 years of service. At the same time investors are having hard time to find sensible investment targets.

Our idea is statistical and psychological A) There is a Big amount of target companies. B) Lack of interest in entrepreneurship in Scandinavia. C) It’s a buyers market.

We search and find positive cash flow companies in Finland, buy them, continue them and foster them to continued growth.

Search - buy - continue - grow. ETA Search fund model in Finland. Nice to meet You all