Curious how everyone went about finding the right SBA lender and what the most important criteria was. More specifically, have the following questions:

- Is there an advantage to working with locally based lender vs. national one? Would love to hear stories either way.
- Did you see big variation of rates? I know there's a cap of prime rate + 3% but wondering how much variation there is between the lenders, assuming the business is deemed relatively safe (e.g. consistent EBITDA, DSCR of 1.5X+, non-seasonal, etc)
- At what stage of the process did you start sharing details of the business (sharing financials, tax returns, etc)? Pre-LOI? Post-LOI? I'm trying to share details as soon as I have a deal that I wanna submit LOI for, but don't want to speak to too many banks.
- Other important things to look for when it comes to SBA lenders?

Thank you!