Ever wondered if there was a way to identify and prioritize off market deals, based on selling signals like an owners age?

I sure did. So I built it and am excited to be sharing it with the community.

I'd welcome thoughts and feedback below.

What our first customer said:

"As an investment banking professional working in todays dynamic market I was introduced to Acquisition Hunter.  Before using AH I would rely on Linkedin and Networking and referrals for deal flow.  AH allows you to target specific firms and principals within a particular market segment, so that your efforts are maximized.  The information is presented in a very usable and digestible format so you can quickly begin whatever type of campaign you are engaging on.  The principals behind this firm understand speed to market and curated data for specific purposes.  You can’t go wrong with utilizing this great new AI based data platform.  My effective targeting efforts increased more than 10x using this dynamic tool."

If you're interested in the beta, please apply here (Google Form).