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This well-established business has been in operation since 2009 and is boasting an average profit margin of 77% across the last three years. With years of expertise in the industry, they provide a seamless and practical approaching when providing trade schools with their financial learning program. Their services are a simple “add on” to school’s existing curriculum that will easily pay for itself and generate a positive ROI once implemented. This program will give that “unfair advantage” during admission tours because parent’s eyes will light up when they realize their kids are not just learning the trades of the school, but also how to be successful in life and responsible with money. Included in this service, students learn about the importance of financial literacy. Serving around 35 schools across the country, there is still ample room for growth to reach new schools and better the opportunities for student’s future endeavors. This business was created specifically for the beauty and cosmetology industry and uses an illustrated course book, animated videos, and turn-key lesson plans to teach financial lessons to benefit students in the future. This program will allow you to finally differentiate yourself from other schools and - at the same time - lower the number of drops in your school. The program has nothing to do with changing the curriculum, hiring new staff, or lowering tuition. First and foremost, this business is an admissions tool to get more enrollments. When parents and students were surveyed on the value of this program to them, the majority say it is worth at least $2,500 to them, but - believe it or not – this financial program only costs schools less than 10% of that for each student who goes through the doors! Thanks to this program you can finally have a way to differentiate yourself from other schools in your area. And you’ll finally be able to justify a higher price and stop students from “price shopping” schools.

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