Curious about folks' experience using ServiceTitan or Housecall Pro, especially with regard to the implementation phase and the ongoing support both companies offer. I'm trying to decide between the two (or maybe a third option I'm overlooking). I would love to get a sense for how easy / hard it will be to implement the new software, and how much my crews will love / hate the new system.

I plan to implement in a business with 4-5 crews + 1 estimator out in the field every day doing HVAC-like installations and service. The business currently uses ESC which is an older, on-prem version of FieldEdge. Crews love ESC, but it seems like they are sunsetting the product and we need to move to the cloud.

I would also love any perspectives on whether ServiceTitan's additional features justify the 3-4X cost premium v Housecall.

Any thoughts appreciated! And if anyone's game to trade notes on a quick call please let me know.