You can. And, you can become misinformed. Look no farther than the geniuses at Zillow. They were so mesmerized by their algorithms that they foolishly bought thousands of homes, which they're trying to sell at a loss. And lots of other buyers and sellers believed (and still believe) the Zestimate ®.

Not a week goes by that someone wanting to buy or sell a company tells me about how they are influenced by online (free, too!!!) calculators.

Having run a national business valuation service for 20-years, believe me when I say valuation is as much an art as a science. It's when so many "appraisers" commoditized "valuation" that I got out of the sector.

Be careful. And thoughtful. Look to the people who are actually representing and doing deals.

Here's the link to my recent e-newsletter: 2021 marketplace nonsense and reality for buyers and sellers of SMBs.