Hi all, I created a LinkedIn group to support executives responsible for launching hardware or software products. Failure to Launch - Why Your "Killer" Product Made You Miss Earnings addresses the concerns of busy executives who need to know what to do when:

Their new $$$$$ product investment tanks? Was it poor product research? The wrong market/time? Was it a bad design? Will you spend more money to fix it, and how?

This curated group provides resources for leaders launching new products or services. According to the Chief Executive Group, CEOs participating in peer networking see a net increase from around 10.3% to 22.5% in gross margins.

Here is the direct LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/groups/###-###-#### /

Here's a snippet of my background, in every company, I was hired to take big ideas/scientific experiments and create viable products with the right teams, GTM plans, and scaling strategy to become the market leader and box out the competition. I’ve generated nine-digit growth and won ten industry awards for technology products and services.